Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) supports the body in healing wounds and combating other medical conditions by supplying the person with 100% oxygen through a face mask inside a pressurised chamber. HBOT heals damaged tissue by helping your body absorb more oxygen so that it can grow new skin, blood vessels and connective tissues.


To function normally, the body needs to have enough oxygen. If body tissue is injured, the demand for oxygen is increased beyond the norm. The increased pressure during HBOT helps your blood carry oxygen through your body, especially to injured tissue.

Beauty & Youthfulness​

The body ages and breaks down over time, which is how visible aging symptoms come to be. HBOT stimulates collagen production, improving skin elasticity which makes for healthier skin. It also eliminates toxins and helps repair damaged skin.

HBOT can also promote growth of healthy hair.

Promote Recovery

HBOT has been used to improve sports endurance and performance by professional athletes for many years. It can increase energy levels, support the body in recovery and healing after injuries.

HBOT has also been shown to help in increasing energy levels in those with long COVID.

Weight Loss

During HBOT, the body uses energy in order to process the increased levels of oxygen in the blood, and therefore it burns calories. During a 1 hour session of HBOT, 400-700 calories can be burned.

Along with exercising and dieting, HBOT can accelerate weight loss efforts beyond the normal means, simply by sitting in the chamber and breathing pure oxygen!


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